The Personal Diet Plan Enjoy Food Again and Lose Weight Through the Absolute Food Club Keeping Your Diet Plan Simple Brilliant Tips for Losing Weight & Long Term Weight Loss

Absolute Food Club Diet Plan.

We are all individuals with different lives, routines and preferences so there cannot be one diet plan that suits everybody.

The Absolute Food Club will design a personal diet plan especially for you and your lifestyle. Your personalised diet plan will be easy to follow, you will learn to love food forever and have weight loss for the long term and with our tips for losing weight you will never need to calorie count or diet again.

After a 1 to 1 consultation you will receive a personalised diet and exercise plan totally bespoke for you and your lifestyle and benefit from our member's area which has recipes, helpful articles and blogs with the very latest scientific research.

Weight loss for the long term

• We'll help you to love food forever and enjoy eating healthily whether at home, at a restaurant, during Christmas or on holiday to ensure weight loss for the long term.

• You'll never need to diet again. Dieting makes you unhappy, mucks up your metabolism and is always a short term fix rather than weight loss for the long term.

• Calorie counting is confusing, inaccurate and diminishes the joy of eating. By following our simple habits and eating a balanced, varied diet you won't need to count calories again.

• We'll help dispel the controversies which surround food such as: high protein diets, when to eat, eating carbs after 5pm, food combining, low fat diets and super foods.

• Without nannying, we'll teach you how to eat nutritious delicious healthy food so that it becomes a sustainable way of life with weight loss for the long term rather than a quick fix. We won't send you ready made food or sell you frozen meals.

• We'll equip you with the tools for happy and healthy eating. We'll show you what to cook, how to shop, to plan ahead and how to read food labels.

• With your personalised diet plan you will learn how to get all the necessary nutrients you need without supplements, whilst still avoiding hunger, cravings and energy slumps.

Tips for losing weight

• As well as tips for losing weight your diet plan will include advice on a wide variety of foods you need for the maximum intake of nutrients and balanced calories.

• Don't overcook as this kills nutrients and reduces the benefits of the food.

• Only eat meals and snacks that contain nutrients and are of value to your body.

• Avoid over-refined foods such as white rice or flour, chose wholegrain which has a lower GI so takes longer to absorb.

• Stop eating before you are full, any food (carb or protein)eaten once you are full will be stored as fat.

• Be prepared, for your diet you need to plan ahead such as: food delivery, regular shopping and cooking days.

• Eat a balance of carbs, protein and fats at every meal and 5 portions of fruit and veg.

• Cook from scratch, avoid processed and pre-packaged foods and always check food labels.

• Use our tips for losing weight and you'll achieve weight loss for the long term.

Why can't I lose weight on my old diet plan

For optimum good health and happiness the body needs the correct balance of the below, without which the body will become tired, prone to illness, injury and depression leading to the question 'why can't I lose weight'. Your AFC diet plan will include a balance of:

• Carbs eg: wholegrain rice or bread for its main energy source.

• Proteins eg: meat, eggs and beans for building and maintaining muscle.

• Fats (saturated and unsaturated)eg: butter, avocado and olive oil for insulation, immunity and brain function.

• Fibre eg: vegetables, whole fruit and cereal for helping food travel, absorbing cholesterol and exfoliating the gut.

• Water for energy, muscle functions and for all bodily functions.

• Vitamins and Minerals for optimal bodily function and health.

• Exercise and sleep for a balanced mind and body.