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Testimonials from our clients about Absolute Fitness - The Personal Trainers London

Sophie Goodwin - Tatler

"Kathryn makes exercise exciting. I had lost my get up and go until she took me running around the park- we used benches, trees and steps for challenging outdoor circuit exercises. Thanks to her encouragement and expertise I am outdoors at every opportunity. And her enthusiasm is infectious..."

Vicki-Marie Cossar - Health & Sex Editor for Metro

"Kathryn’s advice has been invaluable. Just a quick wizz around the park and she was able to sort my running technique so that I can now run much further distances. No longer am I short of breath at the beginning of my run, with her tips for warming up, and advice on changing my running style I have been able to up my distance."

Katy Young - Beauty editor Harper Bazaar

"If you want to boost your fitness, drop pounds or kick-start a brand new exercise plan, this is my tried and tested foolproof fitness programme - it works.."

Rosalind Ryan - Freelance Journalist

"Kathryn is incredible. After one session, she spotted what was wrong with my running technique and sorted that out, plus she showed me how to overcome an old hip injury. Since then I've been able to run faster, for longer, with less strain on my body."

Matthew Wright - TV Presenter

"As a former confirmed couch potato and life-long back pain sufferer I am extremely grateful to Absolute Fitness for its major contribution to improving my lifestyle. Since having Kathryn as my personal trainer in London and receiving sports therapy massages from Derek Gardner, I last year completed the Great North Run and the Twelve Peaks Challenge and my chronic back-pain disappeared months ago. I used to hate the gym and exercise in general - the fact that I have now been training with Absolute Fitness for well over a year is a tribute to Kathryn. She makes exercise fun, varied and, above all, effective."

Lisa Butcher - Supermodel and Presenter of 'What Not to Wear'

"I think Kathryn is an incredible personal trainer and I enjoyed my time training with her in London immensely"

Alice Hart-Davis - award-winning beauty journalist

"Kathryn has helped me on so many things over the years. She is hugely knowledgeable and professional and is always a delight to work with"

Rosamund Urwin - columnist, London Evening Standard

"Kathryn is a brilliant personal trainer. She helped get me London marathon-ready two years ago and recently showed me how to loosen my very stiff back"

Liz Fraser - Writer, Journalist, Presenter and TV Personality

"I've been training semi-seriously as a runner for years and going to a gym regularly, and thought I was pretty fit and doing all the right things improve my fitness - but having Kathryn as a personal trainer in London has completely revolutionised my training regime! She showed me loads of simple exercises I can do any time at home or in the park as part of my regular runs, and I feel more motivated, enthusiastic about keeping fit, and fitter than I've felt for years. Within two weeks of doing Kathryn's exercises daily I saw very noticeable improvements to my abs, and the sprinting she suggested I do had cut my daily run down by several minutes. I ran the fastest 10km I've done for three years a few weeks after my session with her, and I know I owe a fair few of those lost seconds to her! She's vivacious, really easy-going, encouraging and not daunting at all, and tailored everything exactly to me and my abilities. I just wish I'd met her years ago! I'll be coming back for top-up sessions every so often to keep my motivation up. I just can't believe what a positive difference she has made to my mental attitude and physical performance. Amazing."

Martin Richmond-Coggan – Retired IBM

"I have been personal training with Absolute Fitness for about 6 years now; Kathryn for about 2 years and previously with a great member of her team, Derek in London. Wow, what a difference! I felt that I was reasonably, not brilliantly, fit as I was approaching my 60th birthday, but Kathryn has really helped me with my flexibility, posture and, most importantly, core strength. These are all things that I hadn’t really paid too much attention to previously, focusing on running, cycling, the occasional gym work and generally being active. Owning a smallholding means that I am constantly doing physical tasks; now I feel better and suffer many fewer niggling injuries which used to plague me in my back, shoulders and elbows. Kathryn’s approach to exercising really works for me – outside, multi-faceted routines using the natural environment – and I never thought that I would feel this good at my age!"

Kitty Buchanan Gregory - Battersea

"For years I used to go to the gym three times a week, doing the same routines on the treadmills and machines but not getting results. My friend recommended Absolute Fitness and now I train twice a week with my personal trainer in London parks , who motivates me and we have a great rapport. I love training outdoors, it's more challenging and stimulating and I have had fantastic results and am more toned in all the right places!"

Jennifer Agar - Lawyer and founder of Rocomara.com

"Since meeting Kathryn last year, my body and life have changed unrecognisably. I can run 3 times further, I'm ¾ stone lighter, have dropped a dress size, gained masses of energy and best of all I've found the confidence and stamina to launch my own business. Kathryn was instrumental in all of this and I wouldn't have achieved it without her support and enthusiasm, she is the best personal trainer in London."

Susan Stephens

"Both I and two of my daughters are benefiting enormously from your excellent trainers. Their ability to tailor programmes to our differing ages and very varied needs, and the encouragement, enthusiasm and sheer professionalism they bring to our sessions is impressive."

Nick Michaels - Standard Bank

"Over the last few years I have tried a number of personal training companies in London, including most, if not all, of the high profile ones. None has come close to offering the blend of professionalism and motivation that is clearly the hallmark of Absolute Fitness . I would like to congratulate you on having created a company that approaches Personal Fitness Training in a radically different and tremendously entertaining way. The results are self-evident and getting there has always been great fun."

John Balderstone

"I have been training with Kathryn for the past two years and highly recommend her services. When we first met Kathryn did a detailed analysis of my needs and prepared a fantastic, varied and interesting exercise routine, incorporating both weights and cardio-vascular work. The routine has evolved over time to meet my changing needs, and to prevent me from getting bored. Recently my wife also joined Absolute Fitness. She has a different personal trainer in London who provides her with the same high level of service. I have never seen her more motivated to get fit. The professional and friendly approach makes exercise a highly enjoyable and worthwhile activity."

Ben Marnham - Commercial Director Alternative Networks

"Having a Personal Trainer in London suits me down to the ground. No matter how hard a day I have had, I have no excuse not to exercise. He comes to me at the prescribed time and by the time he has finished I feel rejuvenated. Since I started using Absolute Fitness I have noticed significant differences in my energy levels and fitness . As an added bonus they are professional, efficient and proactive. They are now a part of my weekly routine and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Greg Nasmyth - Freelance Journalist

"About six months ago I noticed tightness in the right side of my neck, with an associated tightness in the shoulder running down into the right arm. The problem was diagnosed as work related, as a journalist I spend long hours in front of a computer screen. My doctor told me to take it easy, which of course was not a possibility. So I tried just about every form of remedial massage going, paid people to walk on my back, stick pins in me and spent days in sensory deprivation tanks, all to no effect. I was on the point of giving up, accepting that I was going to wake up every morning to find half my body paralysed, when I bumped into an old university friend who recommended Absolute Fitness . I was sceptical, after all several masseurs at my gym had failed to alleviate the symptoms, what could Absolute Fitness do that they couldn't? The next day a sports masseur turned up, set up his table and began working on the knots in my shoulder. He then showed me a simple set of exercises that I could perform at home, with no special weights, and arranged to come back a week later. I did as asked and the relief was almost immediate. After three sessions I could move my right side normally again, and was no longer waking up with a stiff neck. Now I have regular person trainer on Hampstead Heath in London. I'd recommend Absolute Fitness to anyone."

Mary Pearce - MD Personal Property Services

"I have been a client of Absolute Fitness for 12 years. Due to a full working schedule I had previously found it difficult to find the time or the motivation to maintain any kind of exercise routine. My Absolute Fitness Personal Trainer has helped me to adhere to a programme that has been both flexible and immensely successful. She is someone who always gives that extra motivation when she thinks it necessary and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I have fun and achieve my goals."

Simon Russell - Partner Russell Fox and Nori

"With such a busy schedule I have never managed to maintain a training routine in the past. Without doubt your constant encouragement has had a very motivational effect and ensured my continual improvement. The results have had an exceptional impact on both my physical appearance and energy levels throughout the day."

Lucinda Simpson - Havas Advertising

"I had experienced back pain for nearly a year and was convinced that nothing could help. A friend recommended a session with one of the Absolute Fitness Personal Trainers in London to try to ease the problem. After only one sports therapy massage, I had the first decent night's sleep for some months and since continuing with personal training I no longer have back ache. To prevent the problem re-occurring I was advised on posture, how to lift my small children and given strengthening exercises. Absolute Fitness have always been knowledgeable, friendly and as they visit me at home it is easy, flexible and saves me the cost of childcare!"

Ian Strachan - Board Director

"The Absolute Fitness programme suits me perfectly. I don't have to go to a gym, I have a routine which is specifically designed for me, and, best of all, I have a professional Personal Trainer who is experienced in all aspects of physical health and well being, and who is a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Absolute Fitness to anyone."

Belinda Bushby - Balthazaar Wine

"I have been training with Absolute Fitness for about 2 years now. I look forward to my exercise sessions as my personal trainer is highly motivated and keeps me striving to attain my goals. It is all done at my convenience in London and I don't have to be a member of a gym. In the past I have suffered from chronic back pain, but with regular sports massages and my exercise programme, it is now fully cured. The sessions are varied, productive and most importantly great fun. Absolute Fitness is the absolute best!"

Susanne Wildman-Chard - BSc MSc AJ.Biol MBAAS

"Thank you to Absolute Fitness and Kathryn Freeland in particular for the superb training advice and back up you have given me. Having struggled fruitlessly for over 30 years to obtain a reasonable level of fitness and well being, I had become frustrated and disillusioned with all the books, tapes and classes I had attended. Then a friend introduced me to Kathryn and in just one session with her I learned more than I could imagine. There were so many things I had been doing wrong and even more things I had simply ignored that were essential for a successful work out. Kathryn has a special ability to bring out the maximum from her clients and I was amazed at what I could achieve when shown properly. I now feel confident to continue, I feel strong and am proud of my well-earned figure. At last I have achieved my goal and at last I know I can keep achieving better. Thank you Absolute Fitness for a thoroughly professional team of expert Personal Trainers to support me. You are without doubt, the best in London and have a unique, ingenious and comprehensive set up that is unrivalled by anyone."

Jono Coleman - TV personality and DJ

"Even though I am a naturally lazy person when it comes to exercise and working out generally there's one person who always seems to work it out of me and keep me going and who makes it fun, which is the most important thing. Thank you Kathryn, keep it up and at least you laugh at my jokes as a kind of trade off. Thanks mate"

Su Tyler - Director Bon Marche

"I have been training with Absolute Fitness for many years. They continually make exercise effective, variable and importantly for me to stick at it, fun. My programme has always been realistic and relevant to my fitness and lifestyle. For long term fitness, everybody should have a personal trainer ."

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe

"After the birth of my third son I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. I had exercised throughout my pregnancy and was fortunate not to put on a lot of weight but my lower back problem reoccurred. My partner suggested Absolute Fitness as he had previously had a very successful experience with them. My personal trainer arrived with the most comfortable massage table ever, and very professionally handled a postpartum female with gentle sensitivity to the fact that I was breast feeding, physically still weak and a tad self conscious. After a wonderful massage I decided to embark on a block of 10 sessions, a mix of massage and exercise. It was so helpful being guided about which exercises were appropriate particularly for my stomach as the muscles were still closing and it is easy to cause more harm than good. As the weeks passed I could feel and see myself getting stronger and leaner which gave me energy and confidence. My trainer drew up a series of exercises for me which I could do at home. I was worked hard but with such encouragement that anything does seem possible. He helped me build up strength in my knees which have always been a weak area and now I can squat on one leg! I would highly recommend this mix of massage and exercise following birth. It was a gentle but directed way of getting my body back into shape and I was left feeling focussed and rejuvenated and with the belief that the marathon is within my reach!"

Fiona Macnab

"My persona trainer has become a part of my life - he is a gentle but brutal trainer! He has a fantastic knack to know exactly how to get me to train 300% harder than I thought I could - the beauty is you don't realise it until afterwards! And on those days when I am feeling horrifically done in, he knows just how hard to push to maintain progress but without making you hate it so much you never do it again. I cannot recommend my trainer highly enough. When I started training with him, my back pain (from my broken back) was abysmal and I was on 6 pain killers a day. Now, I cannot even remember the last time I had back pain, or even took pain killers for back pain. I can now stand for hours at weddings and such like - without searching for a chair to rest on. Travel has become an enjoyable experience - rather than a very painful chore. Not only all this (as if this wasn't enough!) I'm now much fitter and healthier than I've been since a student!"

Steve Quinlan

"I have now spent 10 months working twice a week with Absolute Fitness, having never regularly exercised in my life! My personal trainer obviously has a thorough scientific understanding of his subject and that, combined with his encouragement and natural cheerfulness, has enabled me to achieve positive results and maintain my regular exercise schedule. I would warmly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional personal trainer in London."

Nicola Robertson

"I have been training with Absolute Fitness for only 4 months but already feel a tremendous improvement in my fitness. Although I enjoy exercise it is sometimes hard to find time to do it, its hard to then stick to it and oh so easy to put it off. However my personal trainer has put an end to that! I am not a particularly natural 'morning person', yet choosing to train in the morning, he manages to motivate me, make me smile and generally enjoy the session. He has got the exact mindset to make personal training work. He knows when to push, he knows when to ease off a bit and incorporates a fantastic mix of exercises to prevent me becoming complacent. I find him both encouraging and supportive because come on face it, there are some days when running round a park in the cold is that last thing you feel like doing! It must be all paying off because I managed to climb Ben Nevis for charity in September and I would not have been able to do that before."

Gilly Blackburne

"I think that Absolute Fitness is absolutely great. My personal trainer is very professional and organised and I feel better already. I could not ask for anyone better!"

Alex Kinder

"I'm so glad I've done the training sessions and am really delighted with the results. Since starting personal training with Absolute Fitness in London after the birth of my second child, I've managed to lose over two stone in weight, dropped around three dress sizes and feel much more fit and healthy. I would highly recommend Absolute Fitness to find you a personal trainer. My personal trainer is very reliable and easy to get along with. Even though he pushes you hard, I've still managed to really enjoy at least most of the sessions!"

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